Main / News / Kazakh and Turkish experts discuss cooperation in wheat production and research during the Turkish Ambassador’s visit to KATRU
Kazakh and Turkish experts discuss cooperation in wheat production and research during the Turkish Ambassador’s visit to KATRU

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The Ambassador of Turkey to Kazakhstan, Mr. Mustafa Kapucu, visited the Kazakh Agrotechnical Research University (KATRU) to participate in a special meeting on the “Production and processing of durum wheat”.

Kazakhstan is among the world's top 10 wheat-exporting countries. Wheat produced in Kazakhstan is considered the best in terms of its quality and taste.

Upon their arrival at the University, KATRU Rector, Professor Kanat Maratovich Tireuov, received Ambassador Kapucu and members of the Turkish delegation that included several professors and wheat experts.

KATRU Rector briefed the Turkish delegation about the work and activities of the University, particularly in the area of wheat research and production. Professor Tireuov said that KATRU wheat experts and researchers are quite keen to work with their Turkish colleagues on the production and processing of durum wheat.  

“Wheat is a crucial food item for millions in the world therefore international cooperation in education, research, and production techniques related to wheat is necessary. Therefore, the topic of today’s meeting was not chosen by chance,” remarked Ambassador Kapucu.

The Ambassador said that the important meeting between KATRU and Turkey was organized on the occasion of Turkey’s centenary.

During the meeting, Fatih Ozdemir, a scientist at the Bahri Dagdas International Agricultural Research Institute (BDIARI) in Konya, Turkey, made a presentation on “Production of durum wheat.” The meeting participants also heard a report by the partner “D. Darmstadt Food” LLP, professional baker Hakan Dogan on the topic “Demand for durum wheat flour in the production of pasta, bakery products, and confectionery products.”

On behalf of KATRU, Professor T. Savin of ‘A. Barayev Research and Production Center for Grain Farming" shared his thoughts on wheat production in Kazakhstan. A senior lecturer of the KATRU Department of Food and Processing Technologies, G. Ospankulova presented a report on “Technologies for deep processing of plant raw materials.” This was followed by a question-and-answer session. Summing up the meeting, scientists emphasized the importance of developing cooperation in the field of agricultural science between the two countries.

On this occasion, the Chairman of the KATRU Board and Rector, Professor Tireuov, awarded the Ambassador Mustafa Kapucu, with the university medal “130th anniversary of S. Seifullin.”